Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living Room to do

In order to keep me organized I'd like to keep track of what needs to be done.

We really haven't really done anything to this room except remove the heavy curtains that match the couch. Yes, we are very stylish around here.....I really do wish Grandma was still around since she knew her way around a sewing machine.

Current Living room

What I would like to do to this room:
  • Install wood floors
  • Install lighting in ceiling
  • switch all outlets and switches to white
  • paint all the brown trim around the room white
  • turn the bookshelf into a sit on bench
  • built in a TV/ Storage unit
  • built a new dining room table for 10
  • get new dining room chairs
  • seating in general (new couch or reupholster the current furniture- maybe move this furniture to the porch?)
  • new lampshades
  • new curtains
  • get new TV (we don't watch much TV but useful for a rainy day or our summer renters)

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