Monday, April 22, 2013

Hallway Lamps

Ok, so I started writing this post twice and never finished it. Go figure. I am finally having a new appreciation for the bloggers that write daily.

Ever since I started the hallway renovation I was on the hunt for new lamps. On all fronts...ceiling and entry table. I am still dreaming about high hat lighting but that will have to wait since its going to be a lot of work to rewire this lovely house.

The lamps that we had just weren't doing it for me. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the ceiling light but let me tell you it was ugly. The one on the entry tables (yes we have two) just didn't fit the new improved style since they were just too big and beachy in an old kind of way. Yes, I understand the irony of a beachy lamp in a beach house but you get the idea.

So this lamp was originally on the entry table. Not sure where it will get repurposed and maybe it will not be so bad with a new shade.

This was the other lamp that we also had in the hallway. Like most items in this house they are wood, dark and a little too cunky for my liking.

So we replaced the ceiling light (sorry for the missing before) with this lovely option from Lowes. I think it look georgous and it does really bring a lot of light into the hallway, especially since we have no windows.

So after I've been checking all my favorite stores (Target, Lowes and Home Goods) I could not find suitable replacements for the entry table though. I was already beginning to think that the old lamps might have to stay for a while, especially with the summer coming and the rental season hopefully starting soon, but then Home Goods came through with these lovely objects. The problem was that I needed two lamps and while they had a few nice ones before they always only had one.

Isn't it pretty? I am just working on the shade to bring some fun color into the hallway before the final big reveal. Thanks to another bloggers idea I picked up a shower curtain from Target's Threshold Line to use the fabric around the lamps. I can't wait to see how this will turn out.

Hopefully soon I can come back with the big reveal soon (I just need to finish a few items- rehanging the laundry door, finish painting the back of the front door and redo the hardware, lampshades).

Until then I will leave you with our sunset tonight.

Thanks for reading.


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