Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our House

After we have been talking about the Beach House so much (which you can rent through or email me) I figured a rundown of our regular House is long overdue.

We have a cute little Cape Cod style home, which needed/needs a lot of love. While we still have a lot of small and bigger items to do we know that we won't stay here forever and so we are working on the important items first.

I should probably take an updated picture when the flowers are out and pretty.

We have pretty much gutted (and put back together) the whole first floor at this point but there is still lots of items on the to do list.

That is during our destruction phase. Ideally we would have liked to take the wall down for a large open living and dining space but since we know that we will sell this house down the line it made no sense for us to do that (since bedrooms are more valuable in selling homes).

Living Room before (what can I say it was a boy house and it needed me :-) )

I need to retake a picture from the same point of view but currently the living room looks like this. Hard to believe its the same room. Oh and those pretty wooden floors were hidden under carpet- yuck....

You get the idea...As you can imagine everything changed.

The big to do for the fall will be our kitchen some of our neighbors have blow out the kitchen to make it bigger but that will not be in our budget and so we will need to redesign the room to make it functional even in a small space but this will also be a total gut job.

We are currently living with this dark, blue and no counterspace at all kitchen. This is what it looked like when Brian moved into the house. Blue wall,s blue vinyl floors and blue countertops.

I painted the kitchen yellow at some point but now it is just time to go and for this kitchen the time was yesterday.

My Wish List for the new kitchen:
  • High hat lights
  • Pendant light of the window
  • new functional layout, including counterspace and cabinet space
  • white classic looking cabinetry
  • glass back splash (I am still working on options)
  • depending on size a small breakfast 

I can't wait to start this project even though I know that I will get very upset durning the process when everything is messy and we can only eat sandwiches but it will all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading.


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