Monday, June 10, 2013

So much to do- Fence

Ok, I feel like I have been MIA for a long time and not because I have a lack of projects but because I think have the projects are not very interesting.

Let's start with our exciting fence, which we had replaced last year and got installed as well. I should have taken a before picture just to show you how bad it was but I guess after 30+ years that was to be expected.

The main purpose of this fence is to keep the sand from the beach on the beach and not on our walkway.  Unfortunately, during the install this was not taken into consideration and the company left a 2 to 5 inch wide gap on the bottom to make it even.

Its a little hard to explain since our yard is sloped. Its a lot of fence.....

In any event, this did not work for us so while we lived with it over the winter (when we get the storms that blow the sand onto our property), we finally decided that it was time to lower it ourselves. We still don't like the high gate that they had installed but that will still need to be addressed.

Clearly not a very exciting project but it needed to be done and I am glad it is complete. Now it also looks much better. Not only did we lower it but we also put boards on the bottom to hold the dirt back from the fence and the new grass grew in really nicely.

Sadly now I see all the imperfections of the walkway and this side of the house. Maybe next year we can take it out and lay new slate tiles.

Sorry perspective is off a little
This whole side of the house needs some love and attention, including:
  • walkway
  • paint side door
  • replace storm door or completely remove (I like to but the hubby thinks we need it)
  • get new lighting
  • walkway lighting
  • raise flower beds

Thanks for reading.


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