Monday, June 17, 2013

Master Bedroom

I decided that now that I am a good blogger again I need to tell you about our Master bedroom transformation. This whole process started 2 years ago and was already completed last year but it is still fun to share. Plus, you never know what will happen since I have been itching to repaint our room but I can't decide on a color.

I wish I had a full before picture. When we inherited the house we had green shack carpet from the 1970s, which smelled the same way and a matching bedspread/ curtain combo. Grandma was very handy and I have to give her credit but unfortunately, it really was not our style.

You get the idea and this is after the curtains were removed.

So over time we remove the carpet and refinished the beautiful oak flooring that was hidden under the carpet, painted the whole room (Moonshine by Benjamin Moore), including all trim and doors (white). The room is pretty spacious and we  I had 4 closet doors and 2 main doors to paint. We also replaced the door knobs with levers and OBR'ed all closet handles. Brian was so kind to install a ceiling fan and replace all light switches, outlets and outlet covers.

Since it is only a vacation home we decided to keep the bed but bring it more in line with our style. Thanks to Ana White we  Brian built a bed frame based on her design and I am loving it. We do get a lot of compliments on the bed.

I was originally thinking of refinishing our furniture but it has been growing on me since I switched the hardware and I will keep it as is for now. Who knows down the line I might change my mind.

Here is the final for now and  I really like how it turned out even though I am now thinking that I want to add a bench to the foot of the bed, maybe repaint and even install some curtains. I am still hesitant about the curtains since it is a beach house and then I have more to wash while spring cleaning. Who knows where we will end up, but for now the room works for me even though I am thinking that it is missing something.


And the before one more time for comparison

Long term I can't wait to redo the bathroom and turn our pink flowery bathroom into a nice calm beach retreat.

Thanks for reading.


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